Garden design

The most important starting points in my garden design work are:

  • customer’s wishes!
  • uses of the yard (habitation, play, hobbies)
  • view from in and outside
  • highlighted and concealed points
  • sun rotation, wind conditions, watery and dry spots
  • other specific features of the site

Work proceeds as follows:

  1. After I receive an invitation I come to visit free of charge
  2. I get to known to your target (if the building has already been built or your house is under construction, it is a good place to plan the project, as well as possible layout and façade regulations) and map the questionnaire with wishes and needs that are already in your mind.
  3. I give a rough price estimate – if you agree, we will continue. Until now everything is free.
  4. I will do the necessary additional measurements.
  5. I make a draft plan, which describes, for example, division of functions and facilities, vegetation areas and structures. It is passed and supplemented together. At the same time, I present the plan of the most important plants with books and plant pictures. The rest of the unknown plants can later be accessed through online botanical links.
  6. I complete the draft plan or detailed planting plan with the plant catalog and basic instructions.
  7. If necessary, I will write precise structural drawings, work reports and treatment instructions.
  8. I will hand over the work, which we will go through together if necessary and write down the invoice according to the actual workload.

You know that a building permit application for a new building site in the layout area also requires a land use and planting plan.