High-quality products

For ease of care and quality, you can count on our products. Here are some of the best features:

Soil / substrate.

Kekkilä Nurmikkomulta Plus: An excellent breeding ground for lawns requiring special durability. It is a whitewashed, fertilized and screened growing medium for yard and park awnings.

Kekkilä Istutusmulta: Suitable for shrubs, woods and perennials, as well as lawns as a growth medium for objects where the lawn does not have to withstand the weight of heavy duty mowers. Planting is a spreading, fertilized, whitewashed and screened general substrate.

The acidic compost soil is always purchased as a bag. Biolan Havu- ja rodomultal and Kekkilä Erikoismulta, as a growth medium for some softwood and alpine roses, azaleas, hydorts and shrubs.



Turf is a quick and wonderful way to get the yard ready for use – in addition it is instantly awkward and thus rejects sprouting weeds. The transfer grass we use includes plenty of roots (it can withstand shade more than any other species of lawn, is very lush and lasts for consumption) and the best varieties of lawnmower and lawn plow.

Sedum Carpet

Sedum carpet can be used both as a ceiling and as a landline. The payloads we use consist of a coconut fiber tray and a self-propagation plant with nine different varieties: white stonecrop, least stonecrop, biting stonecrop, tasteless stonecrop, Spanish stonecrop, Caucasian stonecrop, orange stonecrop, hybrid stonecrop and reflexed stonecrop.

Rudus’s paving stones and tiles

Rudus’s paving stones and tiles create security as well as increase comfort and the versatility of the yard. Surface cleaning makes maintenance easier and dust and dirt will not be deposited in the excluded areas. The value of the yard and the whole property rises with the cleanest stone, then concrete or natural stone is chosen. The range is enough …